5th Annual Warriors & Quiet Waters Tie-A-Thon Challenge

As y’all are aware our annual Tie-A-Thon benefits Warriors and Quiet Waters, a Bozeman, Montana-based nonprofit that assists post-9/11 combat veterans. Our affiliation with WQW has been expanding over the course of the past 4 years to the point where we consider our relationship to be more of a partnership. We recently met and agreed upon a list of 6 flies for donation, a list that reflects the needs of WQW’s guides for the waters that they will be guiding on this season. As such we are shifting our focus from the sheer number of flies we provided in past years, to providing high quality, well-tied flies listed below:

  • Olive wooly bugger
  • Parachute Adams (white and orange posts)
  • Parachute purple haze (tie with cutthroat red parachute post material to make it a signature "WestSlope Chapter Cutthroat Haze"!)
  • Pheasant tail (bead and non bead)
  • Prince nymph (bead and non bead)
  • Golden stones (variant and Nick's sunken)
For every dozen flies you donate, you'll be entered to win one of these great prizes generously donated by your local Missoula Fly Shops: 
  • Grizzly Hackle - Patagonia Stealth hip pack
  • Kingfisher - Lamson reel and 2 spools, Kingfisher hat and T-shirt
  • Blackfoot River Outfitters - Cheeky reel preloaded with line and backing
  • Missoulian Angler - Solarez UV resin kit and Whiting Farms pro grade grizzly cape

Deadline to submit flies is April 1st!

Submit your flies directly to Brian Bonham (contact Brian at 925-451-0350, or bonham25@gmail.com to coordinate a contact-free drop off/pick up), or mail them to WSCTU, PO Box 7165, Missoula, MT 59807, or drop them off at any shop here in town. You can also purchase flies at any local shop and have the shop donate those on their behalf. And time is of the essence!

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