From time to time, the Chapter sponsors, hosts or partners with others or simply wants to help promote other companies and organizations that are of interest to our members. 

UPCOMING EVENTS: Please mark your calendar!

March 7: 

Blackfoot River Outfitters Skwalapaloza

March 7: 
Grizzly Hackle Customer Appreciation Day

April 1:  
Missoula Flygals "Swog & Grog" at the Highlander 6-8pm

April 4:  
Missoulian Angler Clark Fork Skwala Fest

April 4:
Montana Fishing Film Festival, Dennison Theater

April 8:
Up Your Streamer Game with the master himself, Kelly Galloup

May 7:
Blackfoot River Outfitters Ladies Night


Please invite a non-member fishing buddy to the meeting.
You are the best advertisement for our mission.

WSCTU Starts Missoula Fly Tying Club
Threadheads Unite!

March 2nd—Threadheads at the Great Burn 6:30

Brandon Dwyer, WSCTU vice president, has noticed a glaring void in Missoula’s fly fishing community, specifically there is no place for fly tyers to gather and tie as a community. Brandon has been involved in clubs like this before, and knows how enjoyable they are. So he has booked a room at the Great Burn Brewery for the first and third Monday from November to March, and that’s where the ThreadHeads will start. 

ThreadHeads will be open to tyers of all skill levels. It’s an informal tying session, with participants bringing their own tools and materials, and simply sit and tie. You’ll find that tying wth others will give you a new insight on tying different flies and learning different techniques. And let’s not leave out the fun! Gathering to tie, have a beer, talk tying and fishing, and making a big mess with a bunch of fur and feathers is a very enjoyable time!

As the ThreadHeads expand, there will be theme tying nights, tying contests and loosely formed instructional areas where Tyers can come and improve their skills. Missoula has so many good and innovative fly tyers, it seems a shame not to gather them together twice a month and get some bugs tied. If you are interested in getting together, The Great Burn Brewery is Located at 2230 McDonald Ave. The ThreadHeads will meet on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month at 6:30p and tie till we get tired! And if you get there late, we'll find room at the table! Email Brandon to let him know you’re coming.

REMINDER: Warriors and Quiet Waters Tie-A-Thon Challenge - Need Flies before April 1: This is an ideal way to show your support for injured US soldiers. Whether you tie your flies or buy them, you can help by contributing flies. Go here to find the list of flies requested and get tying, or go to your favorite fly shop and buy a few dozen. For every dozen flies you donate or for every $20 your contribute, you'll get a raffle ticket and a chance to win one of over a dozen great prizes. Bring them to the meeting or mail them in. Read more about the project.

March 2 Theme TBD
March 16 “Team Roping”

Plus more great events to look forward to!

March 11—Rattlesnake Creek from Top to Bottom with Rob Roberts and Ladd Knotek

April 1—Last day to get flies in for the Warriors and Quiet Waters Challenge

April 8—Up Your Streamer Game with the master himself, Kelly Galloup*

*Kelly will be taking a lucky member streamer fishing on April 9