WSCTU and Trout in the Classroom

By Laurie Lane

It’s no secret that a hands-on approach is a great way to learn. Since we live amongst some of the most idyllic trout streams, our chapter thought it would be great to introduce youth to the rainbow trout that live in their backyard. What better way to teach responsibility than to raise trout from eggs?

The science teachers and students at Hellgate High School agreed. Trout in the Classroom is a successful program by Trout Unlimited. Students from schools throughout the nation have learned about the ecosystem while raising trout eggs and releasing the fish in the spring. While talking about how excited I was to pick up the eggs, I was interrupted by a young woman who overheard me and, she exclaimed, “raising trout in the classroom was my favorite school project ever!”

Hellgate science teachers Patrick Murphy and Eric Ojala, along with the help of aquarium guru Bill, are teaching students about the trout species and what it takes for their survival. Perhaps, we are inspiring future wildlife leaders. Be sure to follow along.



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