The 2021 Veterans Tie-a-Thon is a Wrap!

For the past four years, the WestSlope Chapter of Trout Unlimited has organized a statewide call to the vise for fly tiers and fly fisher-folk alike. The goal—donate as many flies as possible for Warriors and Quiet Waters. 

Through the experience of fly fishing in Montana, WQW is a catalyst for positive change in the lives of post-9/11 combat veterans and their loved ones. WQW uses the flies donated from the annual Tie-a-Thon to take warriors out on the water to experience the healing powers of fly fishing. 

Hundreds of supporters have answered the call each year, rallying together to donate to this worthy cause. As a result, The WestSlope chapter has donated thousands of flies in support of post-911 vets and their families. 

This year, 26 participants helped to donate a total of 4,824 flies - over 1,300 more flies than were donated last year! 

“Warriors & Quiet Waters Foundation (WQW) can’t thank the WestSlope Chapter of Trout Unlimited and its supporters enough for the flies that were sent in for this year’s Tie-a-Thon. Through your generous contribution, over 200 veterans and their loved ones will find respite and solace through fly fishing in Montana. To learn more about Warriors & Quiet Waters Foundation, please visit” -Liz Shull, Warriors and Quiet Waters 

Thank you to all who participated in this year’s tie-a-thon and a special thanks to the following folks who went above and beyond: 

Fly Boy Angler - 1,188 flies donated

Banks Outdoor Products - 924 flies donated

Tony Reinhardt - 1,670 flies donated

Thank you to our local businesses who generously donated prizes: 

Missoulian Angler, The Kingfisher, Blackfoot River Outfitters, Cabelas, Bob Wards 

Prize winners: 

Lance Asherin - Missoula, MT - Costa Sunglasses

James Elkins - Boerne, TX - Fishpond Landing Net

JoAnn Stearns - Edgemont, SD - WSCTU prize pack

Patty Murphy - Mukilteo, WA - Orvis Hydros Reel

Louis McCary - Livingston, MT - WSCTU prize pack

Ed Herbold - McAllister, MT - St Croix rod, Redington reel, Simms hat

Jeff Schroeder - Missoula, MT - WSCTU prize pack

Kim Di Reinz - Metaline Falls, WA - Lamson Waterworks reel

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