December 9th: Virtual Online Meeting

Steelhead Techniques, Conservation Challenges 
& Success Stories

John McMillian's Steelhead Techniques

Featuring John McMillan, TU’s Wild Steelhead Initiative Science Director

John was raised along the banks of the Washougal River where he was indoctrinated into a fly-fishing family, which eventually lead to snorkeling, then to college and graduate school. Before coming to TU, John studied salmonids for the USFS, Hoh Indian tribe, Wild Salmon Center, and finally, with NOAA/NWFSC as part of the Elwha River dam removal project. He has published several peer-reviewed manuscripts on steelhead and salmon science and has written books and book chapters about fish and fly fishing.  

From summer low flows to icy cold winter days, John has snorkeled just over 2,000 km of stream habitat, largely focusing on the behavior of salmonids and how they use and interact with their habitat. His talk will focus on the diverse life histories of steelhead, why such diversity is important to their resilience, and then provide an update on how steelhead are doing in the Elwha River after dam removal and how diversity has been key to their resurgence. 

And expect some fly fishing tips that will up your chances of getting that magical grab!

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