Board Member Highlight – Joe Hertig

By Laurie Lane

Meet WSCTU board member Joe Hertig, born on Long Island and raised in Salisbury, Connecticut. Joe left at age 22 for the Olympic Peninsula, where he caught the fishing bug for Steelhead and Salmon. While in college, he worked on a longline fishing boat and made two trips up the inside passage to Alaska.
His first job at age 16 was milking cows at a Dairy Farm where he could drink as much fresh milk as he wanted before and after shifts. Eventually, Joe moved his family to Montana for work as a Wealth Management Advisor with Merrill Lynch.
Joe has loved fishing for as long as he can remember. It wasn’t until he moved back to Montana that he traded the "hardware" for flies and discovered that it's not always about landing the biggest fish. 
Joe joined the WSCTU board three years ago and has made good friends who have inspired him in the great sport of fly fishing. Joining TU has opened his eyes to how blessed we are to live in such a wonderful place and it is our responsibility to care for it. Our rivers are precious resources. Joe won the Sotar Raft during the 2019 banquet! No telling how many tickets he purchased to land the right key.
When asked about who Joe admires, he mentioned board member Mikey Peterson. Mike has shared knowledge that has inspired Joe beyond the great sport. It has made him a lifelong friend. Join our chapter and make new friends to share outdoor adventures with!
Joe is honest and the kind of guy you want on your team. He was Rotarian of the year! I’d trust Joe with my money! Thanks for being a board member Joe!
His favorite quote from A River Runs Through It:
“As a Presbyterian, my father believed that man by nature was a damn mess. And that only by picking up God's rhythms, were we able to regain power and beauty. To him, all good things, trout as well as eternal salvation come by Grace. And Grace comes by art. And art does not come easy.” Norman Maclean.

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