Board Member Highlight – Brandon Dwyer

By Laurie Lane

Hey folks! Isn’t it refreshing to know we have the wonderful outdoors to escape to during these unusual times? We are working everyday to protect our magnificent rivers, even during Covid.
Meet Brandon, VP of WSCTU in Missoula, Montana and, home to some of the greatest trout streams on the continent. Brandon is a homegrown Montana boy who learned to fly fish via great-grandpa, Hobart, who passed on the talent of talking to fish. Even though Brandon has a full-time job at Stockman Bank and a family, he takes the time to protect our fisheries and share the wonderful sport through Trout Unlimited.
Brandon taught a group of kids how to tie flies at one of our schools. Rule #1, always pinch your barbs. It’s much easier getting a fly out of your cheek. Brandon would like to welcome you to our chapter because we’re friendly and, we know how to get things done! His favorite quote is, “there is nothing quite as simple as trying to catch one more...”
His one word about what fly fishing teaches us is FOCUS.

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