Fly Spotlight: The Sex Dungeon

By Brandon Dwyer

Like it or not, fly shops, drift boats and boat ramps are a safe haven for locker room talk and handing out funny nick names.  I have to admit, getting sophomoric in the boat with fishing buddies is often just as fun as the fishing itself.  One way that this behavior finds its way into our fishing day is the name of the flies we tie on the end of our line. A few modern flies carry these funny names, like “Hippy Stomper” “Nose Picker” and “Chubby” and while this may seem like a recent trend in the fly fishing world, I would argue that with a quick dip into the history of the bugs we love, we will also have some funky titles.  Fly names of the past that come to mind that were perhaps a little risqué’ at the time of their conception are the “Bitch Creek Nymph”  the “Goofus Bug” and “Green Butt Skunk” but also the “Girdle Bug” and the “Merkin” because of where the tying materials for these flies were sourced (i.e. here is a not so subtle hint, they came from next to skin garments worn by women!  Just Google “Merkin” for fun).   

But as far as modern risqué fly names go, perhaps no one has pushed the envelope like the Michigan transplant turned Madison Valley figurehead, Kelly Galloup. 
(Our presenter on Jan. 13, 2021.)

The creative mind, and fly tying talent of perhaps North America’s most beloved streamer guru has turned out some real beauties when it comes to fly names.  The Sex Dungeon, Silk Kitty, Butt Monkey, Stacked Blonde, Barley Legal, Butt Sump, Bank Tail, T&A, Pearl Necklace, Circus Peanut (you can only imagine that Peanut, was not in the original title) Tips Up (same here, with Tips) and the list actually keeps going!  

Names aside the undisputed reality is that the creations of Kelly Galloup absolutely bring out the “bad behavior” in trout (and lots of other species). 

And it is apparent that Kelly totally gets off on the predatory response of trout, because he keeps turning out winners in a fly category that many thought was saturated a decade ago. His influence on this category of flies is almost evergreen as you see many modern designers adopt this same naming strategy, and impart many of his flies triggering responses into their own patterns, much to the joy of drift boat occupants and boat ramp chatterboxes world wide.

As you probably guessed it this months featured fly is the Sex Dungeon.  An articulated, double hooked, dumbbell eyed, marabou, flash, silicone legged, schlappen and spun deer hair creation that not only moves like crazy when trout can see it in clear water but it also “pushes” water (thanks to that deer hair head/collar) so that in dirty water the trout can also “feel’ it.  This fly casts a very sculpin-like profile and is most commonly fished on a sinking tip line and fished around river structure and pulled off the banks/drop offs when looking for a meat eating trout.

Here are some resources for tying or buying the Sex Dungeon on your own:

Tying the Sex Dungeon with Kelly Galloup

Recipe: Sex Dungeon – Olive

  • Rear Hook size: size 4 standard or straight eye streamer hook (3-4 x-long)
  • Thread: GSP 100 in white or color to match
  • Tail: Olive Marabou (blood quill or select)
  • Flash in tail: Gold Flashabou (or preference)
  • Rear Body: Olive or Peacock Ice Dub
  • Hackle: Olive or Olive Grizzly Schlappen
  • Rib: UTC Ultra Wire Brassie sized (Silver or to match flash)
  • Legs: Olive Black Barred Silicone Crazy Legs
  • Optional Over Wing: Olive marabou
  • Connection: AFW Sufflon Micro Wire 19 strand or Beadalon wire with one red bead
  • Font Hook size: Size 2 Standard streamer hook (3-4 x-long)
  • Skirt/Middle tail: Olive Marabou (blood quill or select)
  • Front Flash: Gold Flashabou (or preference)
  • Front Body: Pearl Ice Dub or UV Minnow Belly
  • Hackle: Olive Schlappen
  • Rib: UTC Ultra Wire Brassie – Silver
  • Legs: Olive Black barred Silicone Crazy Legs
  • Wing: Olive Marabou
  • Eyes: Large double Pupil Lead Eyes (yellow/black)
  • Head/Collar: Olive deer belly hair.
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