Women-Only Events

Check back for new events to come!

Women's Initiative


The WSCTU Women’s Initiative is moving so fast and getting so much accomplished, it was cited at the Silver Trout presentation ceremony for how far it has come in such a short time. Much of this success is due to Kate Hasterlik’s tireless work in organizing so many different events, including Shop Hops, Knotty Nights and overnight outings at some of our finest fishing spots in Western Montana. Kate has designed these programs to be hands on and active, so not only are the outings fun but they’re informative as well. A potent combo for driving participation!

2020 holds even more in store for the Women’s Initiative

The successful programs will continue, and Kate, Laurie Lane and others are cooking up more interesting ideas to keep the female members of WSCTU engaged and active in the chapter. If you have interest in getting involved with these fun and enjoyable activities, shoot Kate an email and find out when the next event will be. We can pretty much guarantee it’s coming up soon.