The 2021 Fly Tie-a-Thon is On!

For the past 4 years, your chapter has organized a statewide drive for flies for Warriors and Quiet Waters. During the past three years we have come to realize just how much WQW has come to rely on this annual fly donation. Last year our chapter was responsible for a statewide donation of 3,456 flies to this worthy organization

So hit the vise, and start tying the patterns listed below! You have until April 1st to get your flies tied and contributed. You may also purchase flies to donate at any of the local fly shops. All four of our Missoula full service fly shops are participating. Simply tell the shop that you want to purchase flies for the Tie-A-Thon and they will take it from there.

As a further incentive to tie or buy flies, we have created a great raffle. For every dozen of the flies you contribute you will receive one entry into a raffle featuring fly reels, gear and WSCTU merchandise. The only rule is that your flies to count, they must come from this list of flies (or close approximations) requested by Warriors and Quiet Waters:

Dry Flies:

Parachute Adams #'s 12,14 & 16
Elk Hair Caddis #'s 12,14 & 16
Foam attractor (chubby style) #’s 6,8,10


Bead Head (BH) Pheasant Tail #'s 14,16,18
BH Hare's Ear #'s 14 & 16
Black bugger #'s 6,8,10,12

Stillwater Flies:

Ice cream cones #'s 12,14 &16
Damsel nymphs #'s 10 &12

How do I submit my flies?

  1. You can submit your flies directly to Brian (contact info: 925-451-0350, and he'll be happy to coordinate a contact-free drop off/pick up)
  2. You can mail them to WSCTU, PO Box 7165, Missoula, MT 59807
  3. You can drop them off at any shop in Missoula!