First Online Sweepstakes*: Euro-Nymphing Outfit and Day's Instruction in the Technique

 Euro-Nymphing Outfit

The hottest trend in fly fishing is Euro-Nymphing and for good reason! 

It is extremely effective in taking trout, especially when they are holding in deeper runs and pools.  It does not use lead on the leader and there is no indicator involved. Similar to tight line nymphing, but it requires specialized flies, leaders and rods as well as fishing techniques to maximize its effectiveness.

So the chapter teamed up with Blackfoot River Outfitters with the chapter purchasing a custom rig and BRO donating a day’s instruction. If you are the lucky winner, here’s what you’ll get, an approximate $1,500 value:

  • Orvis Recon 4 Wt., 10’ 4-Piece Fly Rod
  • Hydros II Reel
  • Hydros 4 Wt. Line and Backing
  • Leaders and flies from BRO
  • On the water instruction by a BRO Euro-Nymphing expert on a date that works for everyone

    Sweepstakes tickets are 10 for $20, 30 for $50, and 80 for $100.  
    Click here to enter the sweepstakes.

    The drawing will be held January 11, 2021. 
    Get yours today…before it slips your mind like a trout mouthing and releasing a nymph!

    *Online raffles are not permitted in Montana, so we are doing this as a sweepstakes.  No purchase of tickets is required to enter, but it is encouraged.