December Trout Unlimited Announcements


February 29, 2020
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Fishing the Flathead with Justin Lawrence

December 11 DoubleTree Hotel
6:30 Tying and “How-To” 7:00 Presentation 

When we think of Flathead Lake, it’s about beautiful blue waters and amazing scenery. But Justin Lawrence is going to tell us about some exceptional trout fishing found in the glacial feeding streams that keep the Flathead full. The Three forks that feed the Flathead provide the opportunity to take big fish in wild environs. Justin’s presentation will will help us choose the right location, season and fly choices to maximize fishing success and the Flathead experience. Check out their website at to learn more about the tremendous fly fishing surrounding the Flathead. So the next time the family says, “Hey, lets go to the Flathead.”, you’ll be ready to find some big river trout instead of jigging for lakers!!

Conservation Update:

Troy Smith, WSCTU Scholarship recipient, will talk about his research on illegal bait introductions.

Twisting and Tying:

Justin will be tying flies starting at 6:30. George Kesel will be demonstrating the Bimini Twist, Slim Beauty and other interesting monofilament knots to rig for pike and saltwater.

President's Message

The WestSlope Chapter got some great publicity from KPAX in November. We were featured in two segments, one on the Rattlesnake Dam Removal and one on the chapter’s Silver Trout Award. You can find them at by searching under WestSlope Trout Unlimited. Thanks to KPAX and Dennis Bragg for spreading the word about what our chapter does for the community and for cold water conservation.

We’ve also been busy with a long overdue upgrade to our website. We hope you're enjoying it! We will do our best to keep it up-to-date so you know what is going on with the chapter.

The board is busy organizing and planning the chapter’s annual Banquet and Auction scheduled for February 29. Each year we work hard to make it even better and to raise more money for local cold water conservation and fly fishing education.

If you have an item, a service, a vacation home, an experience or just about anything else that you’d like to contribute to the auction, please contact Mike Peterson at with the details. Remember, it does not have to be fishing related. 

A Christmas present request: The best gift you can give the chapter is helping us grow our membership. A strong membership means we can do more to achieve our mission. Please think about a fishing buddy, a friend, a neighbor, a young person who would enjoy our programs and be interested in our mission. Bring them to our meeting or request a free membership by emailing me ( with their name and complete contact information including email and phone number. Everyone is welcome and we are especially interested in bringing in younger people. According to TU National, the average age of a TU member is now 63, up from 58 just a few years ago. So let’s do what we can to bring the average down a bit.

Thanks for supporting our chapter.

Mark Kuipers, President

Call to Action!

Speak Out Against Exemptions to the 20HP Restriction on Local Rivers

Let's make sure this doesn't happen on the Clark Fork or Bitterroot!

A request has been put in front of Montana FWP to change horsepower restrictions n the Clark Fork and Bitterroot, specifically exempting hovercraft from the 20HP restriction put in place in 2011. Jim Crews, a Stevensville native, is requesting amendments to ARM 12.11.330, 12.11.610, and 12.11.620 to exempt hovercraft from the definition of a vessel and to exempt hovercraft from the horsepower restrictions on the Bitterroot and Clark Fork Rivers. The 20HP restriction was put in place after overwhelming public support for placing these restrictions, with special emphasis on safety issues and noise pollution. To allow changes to this restriction would negate the public input FWP gathered, including comments from WSCTU and many of our constituents. If you wish to comment to FWP on this possible exemption, you can contact FWp at Please take the time to make a comment. Be clear about the issue, and your stance. Thanks so much for making the effort to stop this dangerous precedent to changing the horsepower restrictions on the Clark Fork and Bitterroot.

Warriors and Quiet Waters Needs Waders for Wounded Vets

Over the last few years, the chapter has led a drive for flies for Warriors and Quiet Waters contributing over 32,000 flies. We will be doing that again this year, but they have requested something else from us as well. They are looking for used, serviceable waders (i.e. no leaks) for the vets to use. If you have a pair of waders that are still in decent shape but aren’t using, or are moved to pick up a new pair from one of the local shops, please email Paul Butler, our Veteran’s Chair at They will be put to good use!

Look For Info On Warriors And Quiet Waters Tying Day Scheduled January 27

Ladies Shop Hop - December 18

The Women’s Initiative has planned a shop hop on December 18. It will be held at the Grizzly Hackle from 6-8:00 PM, and will feature Kelly Harrison discussing flies. Kelly will talk about what flies to use, when to use them and where they’re most effective. The complete package on fly choice!

Grizzly Hackle will also be running a big pre-Christmas sale for the group. And it doesn’t have to be gifts! If you need more information, reach to Christy at, or sign up at

ThreadHeads Are Rocking!!

The next ThreadHead meeting will be December 16 at the Great Burn. It the spirit of the holidays we are going to tie some Flies with a Christmas theme. Maybe an old favorite with a red, white and green color scheme or if you are really feeling that holiday spirit, how about a deer hair Christmas tree! The crowd favorite will be voted on and the winner will receive a WSCTU Simms Solar Flex Hoodie and will be crowned the most festive fly tier in Missoula. Clear Ornaments will also be provided for anyone who wants to take their creation home to hang on the tree. 

·  Festive Chernobyl Ant (Chubby/Non-Chubby) – Red body Green foam white wing metallic silver legs
·  Red And Green Tarpon Toad 
·  Reindeer Mouse (for catching Trout-a-lopes)
·  Silver/Red/Green Sparkle Minnow 
·  Christmas Chronomid Snow Cone (I think this is actually a fly)
·  Pat’s Rubber Legs (too many variation to count)
·  EP Crab with Santa Beard Farrar Blend has a nice Santa beard feel too J
·  Peppermint Candy EP Crab 
·  Clouser Minnow (red, white bucktail, green eyes green flash)
·  Gurgler (Red Estaz Green polar flash white bucktail white foam)
·  Grinch Bugger (this is an actual fly for sure)
·  Copper John (Red Wire, Green biots, Silver Bead)
·  A Candy Cane Woven Nymph 
·  Frog/Elf Gurgler 
·  A Royal Inchworm

Scott Mylnechuk - WSCTU Board Member

Scott Mylnechuk

Social Media Wizard and Merch Manager!

Scott Mylnechuk has served on the Board of WSCTU for almost a year now, and our social media presence has been greatly enhanced since his arrival. Scott is directly in charge of handling the WSCTU accounts on Facebook and Instagram. He is also in charge of the chapter’s merchandising, and is the person you see at meetings behind the swag table.

Scott hails from Portland, Or, where he learned his love for clean water and finny pursuits. With lots of relatives in Butte and Anaconda, he returned to Montana to chase trout and hunt, as well as be closer to his family.

Scott joined the WSCTU board to further land and water conservation, knowing it’s a priority for our generation to leave our resources better for our future generations. His enthusiasm and experience as a nation wide consultant in Affirmative Action issues has made him a valuable member of the board. Scott brings a diverse cross section of experiences to all board decisions.

If you ever see something worth noting about involving our local fisheries or conservation, reach out to Scott at He loves connecting members and the board, and making sure our chapter interests are getting out to our constituency. And if you need WSCTU swag, please let him know. Christmas is coming! WSCTU merch makes an awesome gift! He'll have some at the December 11 meeting, so plan on getting some shopping done!

Casting for Recovery Sweetgrass Rod Fundraiser

Our sister chapter in Butte, the George Grant Chapter, who won the Winston Rod by donating the most flies per member to the Tie-A-Thon Warriors and Quiet Waters challenge, has come up with a challenge of their own as a way to “pay it forward.” 
Here’s the deal:
This is a raffle for the benefit of Casting for Recovery, a great organization that helps women recover from breast cancer surgery. Only 400 tickets will be sold at $50 each, raising $20,000. The lucky winner will receive a 3 weight Sweetgrass rod by Glenn Brackett with a synthetic ivory scrimshaw reel seat along with a Bozeman Reel Company classic designed reel, matching 406 Fly Line Company line, a bamboo walking stick, a box of flies and a personal visit to the Sweetgrass shop to meet with the “Boo” team. For all the amazing details, go to
And there’s more!
The chapter that sells the most tickets per capita of chapter membership will win an Orvis H3 9’ 5 weight donated by Orvis. If the WSCTU wins, we will then raffle the H3 off during the banquet, earning more money for Casting for Recovery or local conservation.
Tickets will be available at the November chapter meeting and the drawing will be held when all 400 are sold. If you want to buy tickets and won’t be at the meeting, please email me and we will work out a way to get you raffle tickets.
All of us have been touched by someone who has been stricken with breast cancer. Buying a raffle ticket is one small way to honor their fight and to help other women.
Thank you for supporting this important cause and our chapter.

Trips, Trips, Trips!

There is fishing beyond Montana and you are invited.

Streamers for Giant Browns
—Jan 27 through Feb. 1
There are a few slots left so email Mark Kuipers at if you have any interest and for the details.

Huge Lahontan Cutthroat—March 26-28
To see what all the excitement is about, go to or check out the latest fishing reports on Facebook. Search for Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Rob Anderson. Be prepared to catch the biggest cutthroat of your life. This is a very reasonable trip and a lot of fun. Email Bill Ruediger at to learn more.

Iceland Browns or Atlantic Salmon—May or July 2020.
Our speaker for the January 8 meeting will be Matti Hakornarson, an outfitter from the north of Iceland. This is your chance to see how great the fishing is in Iceland for browns and for Atlantic Salmon. While not cheap trips, they are not nearly as expensive as Iceland’s reputation would lead you to believe. You can also email Mark at for details on costs, dates, etc.

Upcoming Events:

December 16
ThreadHeads at the Great Burn 6:30

December 18
Women’s Initiative Shop Hop at the Grizzly Hackle

December 19
Community Fly Tying at the Grizzly Hackle 6;30-8;30

January 6
ThreadHeads at the Great Burn 6:30

January 8
Fly Fishing Iceland with Matti Hakornarson, Icelandic Outfitter

January 27
3rd Annual Veteran’s Tie-A-Thon

February 11
Knotty Night at the Conflux (Special women's event)

February 12
DIY Alaska with Camille Egdorf from Yellow Dog

February 13
WSCTU Sponsored Orvis 50/50 Film at the Wilma

February 29
Annual Banquet and Auction SAVE THE DATE!

March 11
Rattlesnake Creek From Top To Bottom 
with Rob Roberts and 
Ladd Knotek

March 26-28
 Pyramid Lake Fishout

April 8
Up Your Streamer Game with the master himself, Kelly Galloup*

*Kelly will be taking a lucky member streamer fishing on April 9

Happy Holidays from the WSCTU Board to all our members!

WSCTU is looking to make 2020 even better, and we couldn't do it without your support! Thanks for your membership, time and effort. We will look for you at our upcoming events!